Hand of the Gods

Escaping Aeremwold

With the battle with the tentacle over, the adventurers offered up brief introductions and searched the body of the priest for anything of use. Alethe took possession of Father Riggolio’s staff, knowing that it is magical – what with his attempt to use its fear inducing magics on her during their squirmish. Tamuril Palla, with the help of the dwarf Gwuorn, took the priests fine quality robe.

The companions made plans to rest up at the abandoned house, Alethe and Tamuril, had waited out in earlier, but as the group left the church and began their way there, they noticed that the town streets seemed completely empty. And by the light of the moon, they were able see clearly the bay filled with approaching Sahuagin. It was decided then that it was best that they leave the town of Aeremwold quickly, they sought out their horses – which had been so kindly moved from out in front of the tavern to the stables. But they were missing a few mounts and the group had to double up to escape town swiftly. Tamuril rode with Alethe, Erastin with Cornelius Uthwait and Gwuorn with Khell

There was some confusion as to which was the best route to safety. First the party headed west, along the coast road, then south into The Ash Waste, then more south west. Alethe eventually led the group parallel to the coast line – just within sight of it, for fear of being spotted and attacked by yet more Sahuagin or worse yet – the tentacle creature, Dagon. Their goal being to reach the ruins to the west and hopefully find food and shelter there.

The group of escapees were sadly unprepared for a trip into the Ash Waste however, with very limited food and no water. Some, namely Cornelius and Erastin, were without any gear whatsoever – their stuff having been taken when they were captured by the villagers. There had been no time to search for their gear before leaving ((actually we just forgot – doh! Bad players!)).

After several hours of travel, exhaustion and thirst began to grow. Tamuril offered to create water but needed a vessel to hold it. With nothing else suitable on hand, the dwarf offered up the use of his shield.

It was about this time that the group became aware that they were being stalked.. by wild dogs from the Ash Waste.

Will the adventurers make it to the ruins to the West or will they become dog food?

Eyes in the dark


“Dog Food”. ha, that was a good one.

Escaping Aeremwold

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