The human kingdom of Sholamnia is younger than the demihuman and humanoid kingdoms of the Earth, but is unmatched in its grandiosity. A feudal nation, the people value chivalry and gallantry, with knights being held to the highest standards of just behavior and given the utmost respect. Noble land barons tend their respective ancestral lands, ruling over the peasantry and accumulating wealth and honor.

A possible transition period is taking place in Sholamnia, with many turning from the ancient traditions and following the teachings of The Church. The old ways of magic and communing with demihumans and other “faerie folk” are becoming increasingly distasteful.

King Rudric is himself a follower of The Church, and has commissioned the building of temples and churches throughout the land. Through Rudric’s influence, The Church has gained considerable political power. The worship of The Old Gods is not yet outlawed, but some believe that day is approaching.


The Ash Waste

Palanthus-Tower Road

The Great Plains



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