Schedule of Play

Since we don’t have forums, or everyone on IM. Lets’ see if we can arrange rp sessions using the wiki.
Edit for dates you are available in the upcoming week.

Week of Monday June 11 – Sunday June 17

  • trying for Monday 9pm (EST) 6pm (pacific)
  • ..
  • ..

I am in total control of my life, so I can make myself available at any time. But usually not Friday or Tuesday. And the other days I am usually available after 8pm EST

Sinthija -

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings are mostly free after 7 pm pacific (10 pm EST) – might be able to get on earlier via iphone if necessary.
  • Wednesday after 5 pm pacific.
    (all subject to whether the hubby is home those days – family time comes first. Sorry)

ADnDPanda -


Schedule of Play

Hand of the Gods Sinthija