Aeremwold is the only modern, Church controlled town in the Ash Waste. It was once a thriving fishing town, but has fallen under dark times in recent years. Some time ago, the people there, having suffered a run of sparse fish harvests, made a pact with the evil Sahuagin, a race of fish men residing in an underwater kingdom in the northern ocean. The Sahuagin offered to herd fish into the nets of the Aeremwold fishermen and share their wealth of gold, and in exchange, the townsfolk would pay homage to the Sahuagin god.

The townsfolk secretly abandoned the Church, using its customs to worship this new undersea god. Over time, the language and behaviors of the Sahuagin were integrated into the lives of the Aeremwold people, and the Sahuagin demanded ever more worship from them, until eventually they required a regular tribute in the form of human sacrifice.

Father Riggolio, the priest presiding over the church in Aeremwold, seized the opportunity to gain favor with the Sahuagin and their god, organizing the process by which sacrifices were chosen and convincing the people in town that this was best for everyone. He was sure that appeasing the new seagod would mean wealth and power for himself.

The heroes have learned Aeremwold’s terrible secret, and have killed Father Riggolio, as described in the Adventure Log. The town’s future is now unclear.


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