Hand of the Gods

The Pack Attacks

With the decision made to continue on with the company of the newcomer, Aurel Renata, the party finished with their break and turned to mounting up. Aurel would follow on foot.

It was then that the wild dog pack rushed in to attack. Aurel fired off his bow, missing the lead dog by a hairbreadth. Tamuril Palla nudged Alethe to turn about and distract the dogs from the new party member. With a sigh Alethe urged the horse into a charge. Cornelius Uthwait and Erastin Rivenguard, and Gwuorn and Khell doing the same. But the dogs did not flee or back down as expected, rather they bit at the horses. Alethe and Tamurils mount reared up, and in the process dumped the two ladies.

The ladies were up quickly fending off dogs as best they could. Erastin and Gwuorn jumped down from their mounts and took on some of the dogs. It was a quick and fierce battle – with injuries being taken by the girls and Erastin. But the dogs fared worse with several killed before they fleed.

With wounds to tend to Gwuorn set about skinning some of the slain dogs and planned on making jerked dog meat to supplement their low food stocks. (shudder)

While binding her wounds, Alethe took some time to question the newcomer a bit more. It seemed he was willing to help now… but expected similiar assistance later in freeing the town of Aeremwold.

A Timely Intervention

As several of the party climbed down off their mounts to drink from the water in Gwuorn’s shield, the pack of wild dogs began to approach warily. With nothing more than melee weapons to defend themselves with, the party stood fast waiting.

But a timely intervention by a stranger with a bow, had the dogs backing off for a bit. The young man introduced himself as Aurel Renata. Claiming to have seen the party escaping Aeremwold.

Alethe and Tamuril Palla seem to be suspicious of the newcomer and his claims of wanting to help. But is the group in any position to turn away aid?

Escaping Aeremwold

With the battle with the tentacle over, the adventurers offered up brief introductions and searched the body of the priest for anything of use. Alethe took possession of Father Riggolio’s staff, knowing that it is magical – what with his attempt to use its fear inducing magics on her during their squirmish. Tamuril Palla, with the help of the dwarf Gwuorn, took the priests fine quality robe.

The companions made plans to rest up at the abandoned house, Alethe and Tamuril, had waited out in earlier, but as the group left the church and began their way there, they noticed that the town streets seemed completely empty. And by the light of the moon, they were able see clearly the bay filled with approaching Sahuagin. It was decided then that it was best that they leave the town of Aeremwold quickly, they sought out their horses – which had been so kindly moved from out in front of the tavern to the stables. But they were missing a few mounts and the group had to double up to escape town swiftly. Tamuril rode with Alethe, Erastin with Cornelius Uthwait and Gwuorn with Khell

There was some confusion as to which was the best route to safety. First the party headed west, along the coast road, then south into The Ash Waste, then more south west. Alethe eventually led the group parallel to the coast line – just within sight of it, for fear of being spotted and attacked by yet more Sahuagin or worse yet – the tentacle creature, Dagon. Their goal being to reach the ruins to the west and hopefully find food and shelter there.

The group of escapees were sadly unprepared for a trip into the Ash Waste however, with very limited food and no water. Some, namely Cornelius and Erastin, were without any gear whatsoever – their stuff having been taken when they were captured by the villagers. There had been no time to search for their gear before leaving ((actually we just forgot – doh! Bad players!)).

After several hours of travel, exhaustion and thirst began to grow. Tamuril offered to create water but needed a vessel to hold it. With nothing else suitable on hand, the dwarf offered up the use of his shield.

It was about this time that the group became aware that they were being stalked.. by wild dogs from the Ash Waste.

Will the adventurers make it to the ruins to the West or will they become dog food?

Eyes in the dark

Into the Church

The two female half-elves, Alethe and Tamuril Palla sneaked their way into the Church in search of Erastin Rivenguard and Cornelius Uthwait. Alethe cast invisibility on Tamuril and then led the way in. They found the church itself empty but over by the alter they found a passage way that led down under the church. Following this tunnel, they came apon a chamber wherein her companions were about to be sacrificed by the Father Riggolio and a Sahuagin, Sahuagin
one of a race of evil sea-dwelling humanoids believed to live in a vast underwater kingdom in the ocean to the north.

Alethe attempted to distract the two captors, attacking the priest with Magic Missile, while Tamuril snuck behind, invisible, to release their companions, Erastin and Cornelius. The ploy however back-fired somewhat when Tamuril instead chose to attack the priest, revealing herself.

A melee skirmish erupted. Alethe tried her best, attacking with her ( Alethe snakestaff ) but, rather unskilled, could only manage to land a hit once. She eventually chose to throw down her magical staff calling forth the python snake within. It was during this skirmish that Content Not Found: khell and Gwuorn made their appearance in the chamber, having questioned a townsman as to why there were search parties all throughout town.

It didn’t take long for the druid and dwarf to choose to aid the two half-elves. The Sahuagin, however, escaped, while Father Riggolio was caught by the python that was released from the staff. Alethe showed no remorse at his eventual death.

Introductions were made and as the ladies turned their attention to freeing their companions, a new threat announced itself. A large tentacle snaked its way from the tunnel and made to strike at Tamuril.

Hurrying to free the two bound on the sacrificial alter, Alethe and Tamuril worked at untying rope knots, while the druid and dwarf stood guard facing the tunnel where the Sahaguin escaped down. Another skirmish ensued – against the tentacle (an appendage of Dagon), the dwarf and druid protecting the half-elven ladies as they freed the knight and the noble. After a few good hits the tentacle retreated and now the 6 adventurers are left to decide their next move.

(played out on www.rpgtonight.com)

The Tale Thus Far

Our heroes responded to a request for help from the wizard Zagharam in the town of Cublingbrook.
The absent-minded mage told them that he needed someone to go into his basement and find his “wish gems”, five magic gems meant to adorn a special glove. The basement turned out to be a veritable factory and research center for the manufacture and study of magic. The gnome workers, though, were long dead, and the whole place was infested with dangerous creatures, not to mention the wizard’s own security measures, apparently designed to keep the gems out of reach.

Gelatinous cube

After recovering three of the gems and making their way to the lowest level, the party was surprised to find the corpse of Zagharam himself! He was apparently killed by an assassin who escaped with the other two gems. When the group returned to Zagharam’s keep, they found that he was actually the evil wizard Maligor in disguise. Maligor ordered the assassin to take the gems from the heroes. The group killed the assassin, but Maligor escaped during the struggle, taking the glove and two of the gems with him.

After resting at the local inn and meeting their new friend, the wise-cracking halfling Durrik, the party travelled to Circeum University seeking information about the mysterious gems. A sage there told them the gems were somehow associated with an ancient religion practiced in coastal villages to the north, and that he would pay them for whatever new details they could learn regarding these old religious practices. Before setting out, the party was approached by a young noble named Cornelius Uthwait, son of Cedric Uthwait. He told them that he would pay them for the opportunity to travel with them and experience adventure. They agreed to take him along on their trip north.

Along the way, they happened upon an ancient ruin that was being used as a camp by a group of bandits. After a brief skirmish, the bandits were dispatched and their loot confiscated.

The heroes reached a small fishing town called Aeremwold. The people there were heard to speak an unknown language, but switched to common when they noticed the presence of the heroes. They were altogether acting in a suspect manner, making the group uncomfortable. After some investigating, an old drunk told a tale about the townsfolk, claiming that they had made a terrible pact with a race of fishmen, offering human sacrifice in exchange for good fishing and gold. Cornelius and the knight, Erastin Rivenguard, were taken prisoner and brought to the town’s church, where they were to be sacrificed.

Our heroes have made their way to the church to rescue their friends…


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