Wand of Conjuration


(from Encyclopedia Magica p 1476)
Ability to recognize any written or cast conjuration/summoning spells (ie unseen servant, monster summoning, conjure elemental, death spell, invisible stalker, limited wish, symbol, maze, gate, prismatic sphere)

One charge functions:
Unseen servant
Monster summoning (max of 6 charges can be spent – one per level of monster summoning). Must be of sufficient level to cast the appropriate summoning spell.
- enables wielder to construct prismatic sphere (or wall) one colour at a time, red to violet, at a cost of one charge per colour.

2 charge functions:
- can also conjure a curtain of blackness max area of 600 square feet and must stretch from ceiling to floor, wall to wall.

Each function of the wand has an initiative modifier of ’+5 and only one function per round is possible. The wand may be recharged. (DM? Uncertain of how many charges remain)


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Wand of Conjuration

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