Hand of the Gods

The Tale Thus Far

Our heroes responded to a request for help from the wizard Zagharam in the town of Cublingbrook.
The absent-minded mage told them that he needed someone to go into his basement and find his “wish gems”, five magic gems meant to adorn a special glove. The basement turned out to be a veritable factory and research center for the manufacture and study of magic. The gnome workers, though, were long dead, and the whole place was infested with dangerous creatures, not to mention the wizard’s own security measures, apparently designed to keep the gems out of reach.

Gelatinous cube

After recovering three of the gems and making their way to the lowest level, the party was surprised to find the corpse of Zagharam himself! He was apparently killed by an assassin who escaped with the other two gems. When the group returned to Zagharam’s keep, they found that he was actually the evil wizard Maligor in disguise. Maligor ordered the assassin to take the gems from the heroes. The group killed the assassin, but Maligor escaped during the struggle, taking the glove and two of the gems with him.

After resting at the local inn and meeting their new friend, the wise-cracking halfling Durrik, the party travelled to Circeum University seeking information about the mysterious gems. A sage there told them the gems were somehow associated with an ancient religion practiced in coastal villages to the north, and that he would pay them for whatever new details they could learn regarding these old religious practices. Before setting out, the party was approached by a young noble named Cornelius Uthwait, son of Cedric Uthwait. He told them that he would pay them for the opportunity to travel with them and experience adventure. They agreed to take him along on their trip north.

Along the way, they happened upon an ancient ruin that was being used as a camp by a group of bandits. After a brief skirmish, the bandits were dispatched and their loot confiscated.

The heroes reached a small fishing town called Aeremwold. The people there were heard to speak an unknown language, but switched to common when they noticed the presence of the heroes. They were altogether acting in a suspect manner, making the group uncomfortable. After some investigating, an old drunk told a tale about the townsfolk, claiming that they had made a terrible pact with a race of fishmen, offering human sacrifice in exchange for good fishing and gold. Cornelius and the knight, Erastin Rivenguard, were taken prisoner and brought to the town’s church, where they were to be sacrificed.

Our heroes have made their way to the church to rescue their friends…



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