Hand of the Gods

The Pack Attacks

With the decision made to continue on with the company of the newcomer, Aurel Renata, the party finished with their break and turned to mounting up. Aurel would follow on foot.

It was then that the wild dog pack rushed in to attack. Aurel fired off his bow, missing the lead dog by a hairbreadth. Tamuril Palla nudged Alethe to turn about and distract the dogs from the new party member. With a sigh Alethe urged the horse into a charge. Cornelius Uthwait and Erastin Rivenguard, and Gwuorn and Khell doing the same. But the dogs did not flee or back down as expected, rather they bit at the horses. Alethe and Tamurils mount reared up, and in the process dumped the two ladies.

The ladies were up quickly fending off dogs as best they could. Erastin and Gwuorn jumped down from their mounts and took on some of the dogs. It was a quick and fierce battle – with injuries being taken by the girls and Erastin. But the dogs fared worse with several killed before they fleed.

With wounds to tend to Gwuorn set about skinning some of the slain dogs and planned on making jerked dog meat to supplement their low food stocks. (shudder)

While binding her wounds, Alethe took some time to question the newcomer a bit more. It seemed he was willing to help now… but expected similiar assistance later in freeing the town of Aeremwold.



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