Hand of the Gods

Searching the Ruins

Once rested, the party began to hear noises from the ruin entrance, despite misgivings, Alethe followed the others down into the tunnels. Her misgivings were not misplaced as no sooner had they gone a short distance than Aurel was killed by a trap. A little further and the dwarf was gone in a puff of smoke of another trap. (April 26th 2012)

The remaining party members continued on discovering the bodies of other adventures killed in the tunnels. Continuing on they ( Alethe, Tamuril Palla, Erastin Rivenguard and the nobleman Cornelius Uthwait) discover a doorway and within see three sarcophagi. Oddly it’s the cleric that is most curious, and disturbs the rest of the skeleton within one. Alethe is quick to dispatch it with a magic missile.

Afterwards, the party hears what sounds like footsteps near the ceiling. Alethe tries to put whatever is there to sleep but when nothing happens assumes that she had been overly nervous and imagining things.

Before she can make her way back out to leave, the other sarcophagi begin to open. A voice from the corner of the ceiling calls to the party to basically “take me with you” and a drow elf appears. After a bit of an uneasy glance about Alethe agrees and the party leaves the room, shutting the skeletons in the room alone. Introductions are made out in the hall. The drow, a self professed treasure hunter is called T’Jana and Alethe basically has her take the lead and be trap-bait. They make it back to where the bodies had been found only to discover they are risen up now as well. (added to June 9th)

Alethe instructed the others to buy her time to read a spell from her book. She moved to the back and began reading. The others stood their ground and fought the zombies, even the nobleman fought. The drow rogue tried to sneak behind but was seen, but in the end the zombies were all killed before Alethe finished cramming her mind with Magic Missile.


The drow asked a rude off-hand question as to whether Alethe was useful at all in battle… and Alethe responded by releasing her spell on T’Jana. It created an enmity between the two.. they nearly came to blows before Erastin reminded them that this was neither the time or place for petty squabbles. But it doesn’t seem like the drow and half-elven drow will accept one another. By the end of their conversation, Alethe was calling the rogue pathetic, afraid of her own trade and taking the lead back towards the entrance of the ruins. (June 10, 2012)

Once out of the underground tunnels, the party rested and healed up. Morning dawns and still there is sharpness between Alethe and T’Jana, but in the end the drow offers to remain with the party. When options are discussed as to what to do… it is decided that remaining to search the underground may be advantageous. T’Jana leads, while Alethe quietly directs the route back towards the skeletons..

(Her plan is to begin reading her spell before the others actually engage the skeletons.. that way she can be of some use in dealing with them)



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