Hand of the Gods

Into the Church

The two female half-elves, Alethe and Tamuril Palla sneaked their way into the Church in search of Erastin Rivenguard and Cornelius Uthwait. Alethe cast invisibility on Tamuril and then led the way in. They found the church itself empty but over by the alter they found a passage way that led down under the church. Following this tunnel, they came apon a chamber wherein her companions were about to be sacrificed by the Father Riggolio and a Sahuagin, Sahuagin
one of a race of evil sea-dwelling humanoids believed to live in a vast underwater kingdom in the ocean to the north.

Alethe attempted to distract the two captors, attacking the priest with Magic Missile, while Tamuril snuck behind, invisible, to release their companions, Erastin and Cornelius. The ploy however back-fired somewhat when Tamuril instead chose to attack the priest, revealing herself.

A melee skirmish erupted. Alethe tried her best, attacking with her ( Alethe snakestaff ) but, rather unskilled, could only manage to land a hit once. She eventually chose to throw down her magical staff calling forth the python snake within. It was during this skirmish that Content Not Found: khell and Gwuorn made their appearance in the chamber, having questioned a townsman as to why there were search parties all throughout town.

It didn’t take long for the druid and dwarf to choose to aid the two half-elves. The Sahuagin, however, escaped, while Father Riggolio was caught by the python that was released from the staff. Alethe showed no remorse at his eventual death.

Introductions were made and as the ladies turned their attention to freeing their companions, a new threat announced itself. A large tentacle snaked its way from the tunnel and made to strike at Tamuril.

Hurrying to free the two bound on the sacrificial alter, Alethe and Tamuril worked at untying rope knots, while the druid and dwarf stood guard facing the tunnel where the Sahaguin escaped down. Another skirmish ensued – against the tentacle (an appendage of Dagon), the dwarf and druid protecting the half-elven ladies as they freed the knight and the noble. After a few good hits the tentacle retreated and now the 6 adventurers are left to decide their next move.

(played out on www.rpgtonight.com)



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