Hand of the Gods

Dealing with the Brigands

Several more hours of travel westward, eventually found the exhausted party a mile or so from the ruins, where they discovered – the brigands were back. There were over 20 or more. Alethe attempted to first use her Wand of Conjuration to summon a creature to deal with the brigands but she was of insufficient level to use it.

When that failed she came up with plan B. Use the wands ability to cast Prismatic Wall in front of the brigands in the midst of their charge. She forewarned her party – reminding them to keep close to her and not charge ahead. But when the plan came into effect and the 20 brigands were charging forward, three of her party moved into the fray just as the wall came into effect. All were blinded, and one of her own, Khell lost his life to the powerful magic.

The brigands however had stopped their forward charge at the walls appearance and did not rush forward to their doom like Alethe had hoped. She adapted the plan and came up with a means to box the brigands in a triangle of three prismatic walls. Plan C worked like a charm. The brigands were dealt with and the party now had plenty of food, water, and other equipment. They even found new loot – including a recent find by the brigands 7 old fashions gold coins.

After this the party set up watches and the group settled in the ruins to rest for the day.



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